Sunday, May 31, 2015


The Green God connects all forms of creation. God pervades every cell and atom of the universe with green and spreads his divine effulgent green aura everywhere. In the dense forests, you can actually see the shape of nature forming faces in the dark.

I think I know the nature of the jungle very well. I know each and every trunk and leaf in the jungle; I know their emotion, feelings and their expression. My birth place is in the jungle, that is why when I go to the jungle, I feel they are very happy and I feel they want to say something. Sometimes, I feel they cry and say something to me. Sometimes, they laugh with me and others. I know that every person worships the artist’s created imaginary GOD…..not nature and the jungle, which is real and not imaginary. As an artist, I created “THE GREEN GOD” painting series for creating a new God.

The face in my paintings is also carved out of a leaf, with leaf motifs forming the eyes and lips, and is designed to inculcate faith in nature. Painting of trees is a great art and I have tried to capture their beauty in different methods through acrylic/oil painting. Trees are our friend……so, be a gentle friend to trees and in return, they will give you back beauty, cool and fragrant shade. In my paintings, I imagine the divine inside every green form, be it a plant, a tree trunk, or even a leaf and all the human or living beings are surrounded with trees.

I have dedicated all of my "THE GREEN GOD" paintings on this World Environment Day to Nature and the jungle. -Dhananjay