Thursday, September 13, 2018


Art about Earth, Nature & Rain forest

Solo art exhibition by Dhananjay Mukherjee at India Habitat Centre, New Delhi (India)from 19th to 21st’2018

Painting of trees, nature or rainforest is a great art and I have tried to capture their beauty in different methods through my acrylic paintings. Trees are our friends. Be a gentle friend to trees too and they will give back to you clean air to breathe, beauty, cool shade and fragrance. In my paintings I imagine the divine inside every green form, be it plants, leaves, birds, insects, even a tree trunk. In the dense forests, you can actually see the shape of nature forming faces in the dark. The faces in my paintings are also carved out of a leaf with leaf motifs forming the eyes and lips. They are designed to inculcate faith in nature. I got the idea for this theme from the Rain Forest. Somehow, they appear to be forming an image, which looks very much like the face of God, or a human shape or form. I have urged people to respect trees by personifying the flora in Godly images and figures. I feel that nature gives us everything we need in our life, yet we never return the favour. The purpose of my paintings is to also inculcate the wish to protect Nature. I believe that through my paintings I can bring people to see the divinity in the greenery that Nature has bestowed on us.

Look around you… can feel the presence of God in every tree…

I Believe..Tree is God’s own dwelling place…